About Us


Your investment in your home or business is important to us!

Kitchen cabinets- Hissim Woodworking- Kintnersville, PA

We begin with a face to face meeting and consulting with you, your designer or architect to discuss the needs and appearances of the scope of the project. Glenn himself is at that meeting to review the project and makes recommendations for the best possible material and installation. After your consultation our in house design team gets to work designing your custom project to exact specifications. There will be no production prior to you approving the design!

Here at Glenn A. Hissim Woodworking, our team of experts can handle any project from the smallest of vanities to entire libraries. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is climate controlled utilizing radiant heated floors. The importance to you is your wood is joined when all the temperatures are the same allowing us to work to exact tolerances.


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